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• Taeki 5
wrist and forearm guard for increased protection
against wear, cut and tear • protects against contact heat
(100°C/17 sec.) • four various lengths:
25 cm •
cm •
45 cm •
60 cm
EU standard: EN420, EN388: 254X, EN407: X1XXXX
Taeki 5
- protective gloves beyond
Revolutionary, new multi-thread gloves incorporating Duracore
technology, made from highly wear resistant, high tensile strength,
elastic base materials of cut resistance level 5 (Spandex
synthetic and glass fibers).
Taeki 5
is your uncompromising choice for all work activities
involving extreme mechanical stress: maximum cut (5/5), tear
(4/4) and abrasion (3.4/4) performance!
The protection capabilities of the gloves are coupled with the
following exceptional features:
The tactile sensitivity, excellent dexterity and elasticity of
the gloves help prevent exhaustion of the hands.
Durable, elastic, close-fitting, lint-free gloves with rubberized
cuffs and sturdy grip.
Heat-resistant, very lightweight and breathable fabric with
excellent comfort for the wearer.
All coated versions have a durable anti-skip coating applied
to them.
Contrary to other industry yarns, these gloves are not UV or
light-sensitive - this and the ability to wash them at 40°C
increase their longevity to a considerable extent.
So Taeki 5
premium products not only provide maximum
protection for the worker but they are an environmental-friendly
and economic choice too.
Recommended areas of application include: automotive and
engineering industry, metallurgy and sheet metal processing,
building industry, precision work, food-processing, clean-room
environments, clear coating, cable installation.
4925, 4935, 4945, 4960
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