the safety catalogue - page 438

Mechanical protection
Protection against cuts
Protection against chemicals
Protection against temperatures
Protection against cold
Biological protection against
Protection against electrical
Antistatic properties
Protection against slips
Protection against rain and
Protection against wind
Hygienic tool
UV filtering lens
Lens with anti-scratch coating
Lens with anti-fog coating
Flexible nose piece
Adjustable temple length
Adjustable and tiltable temple
Flexible temple tip
Lens suitable for outdoor and
indoor use
Polarized lens
Head protection against falling
Head protection against impact
Face protection gear
Protection against noise
Device with low noise protection
Device with moderate noise
protection capabilities
Device with high noise protection
Electronic communications
ear muff
Respiratory mask
Particle filter respirator
Gas and vapor respirator
Gloves protecting up to back of
hands and nails
Gloves protecting up to knuckles
Gloves protecting up to wrist
Full protection of back of hand
High mechanical protection
Protection against falling objects
Work footwear without toe cap
Protection against piercing
through sole
Oil resistant footwear
Protection against slips
Energy absorbent heel
Antistatic footwear
Water repellent upper
Breathable upper
Wide foot
Extra protection on toes
Footwear with heat-resistant sole
Footwear protecting against cold
Retroreflective band
Footwear contains no metals
Protection against welding
Protective equipment for gas
Protective equipment for arc
Removable or concealable hood
Padded hood
Adjustable cuffs
Flexible cuffs
Hidden cuffs
Zipper with two sliders
Collar with zipper
Bottom with rubber liner
Adjustable bottom
Waist with rubber liner
Adjustable waist
Removable sleeve
Openable lateral section
Ventilated armpits
Retroreflective band
Elasticated pants
Belt loop pants
Adjustable ankle
Dungarees with flexible strap
Dungarees with button fastening
on side
Pouch acting as kneepad
High visibility product
Limited protection type 6 against
chemical splashes
Protection type 5 against solid
particles, dust
Protection type 4 against sprays,
liquid chemicals
Protection type 3 against
pressurized liquid chemicals
Protection against radioactive
dust particles
Fire protection equipment
Cut resistant clothing
Work positioning sets
Body harnesses
Connectors, ropes
Energy absorbers, guided-type
fall arresters
Retractable fall arresters,
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