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EN 166
Personal eye and face protection gear
EN 169
Filters for welding
EN 170
Ultraviolet (UV) filters
EN 171
Infrared (IR) filters
EN 172
Sun glare filters for industrial use
EN 175
Personal eye and face protection gear for welding
EN 207
Laser radiation filters
EN 1836
Sunglasses and sun glare filters
for general use
EN 397
Industrial grade safety helmets
EN 443
Protective headgear for firefighting
EN 812
Industrial grade bump caps
EN 1731
Mesh eye and face shields
EN 14052
Heavy duty industrial grade safety helmets
EN 12941
Respirators with helmet or hood
EN 12492
Mountaineering helmets
EN 14458
Eye and face shields used with a safety helmet for firefighters,
ambulance and emergency response personnel
EN 50365
Electrically insulating safety helmets, used in low
voltage (up to 1000 V) environments
EN 352-1
Ear muffs
EN 352-2
EN 352-3
Clip-on ear muffs for safety helmets
EN 352-4
Noise level dependent ear muffs
EN 352-5
Active noise attenuation ear muffs
EN 352-6
Ear muffs with electric audio input
EN 352-7
Noise level-dependent noise attenuation earplugs
EN 352-8
Audio ear muffs for entertainment
EN 136
Full face masks
EN 137
Self-contained open-circuit compressed air breathing
apparatuses with full face mask (EN 14435: with half mask)
Fresh air respirators for use with full face mask and
half mask or mouthpiece
EN 140
Half masks and quarter masks
EN 141
Gas respirators and combined (gas + particle) filters
(EN 14387)
EN 143
Particle filters
EN 145
Self-contained closed-circuit compressed oxygen
(nitrogen) breathing apparatus
EN 149
Particle filtering half masks
EN 404
Filter self-rescuers from carbon monoxide (escape hoods)
EN 405
Valved filtering half masks to protect against gases and/or
particles (combined half masks)
EN 1146
Portable, self-contained open-circuit compressed air
breathing apparatuses with built-in escape hood
EN 12941
Power assisted filtering devices with helmet
or hood
EN 12942
Power assisted filtering devices incorporating full face
masks, half masks or quarter masks
EN 14387
Gas and combined filter respirators (performance
requirements, testing, marking)
EN 14683
Surgical face masks
EN 374-1
Protective gloves against chemicals and microorganisms
(performance requirements)
EN 374-2
Protective gloves against chemicals and microorganisms
(resistance to penetration)
EN 374-3
Protective gloves against chemicals and microorganisms
(resistance to permeation)
EN 381-7
Chainsaw protective gloves
EN 388
Protective gloves against mechanical risks
EN 407
Protective gloves against heat risk
EN 421
Protective gloves against ionizing radiation
EN 420
General requirements
EN 455
Disposable medical gloves
EN 511
Protective gloves against cold
EN 659
Protective gloves for firefighters
EN 1082
Protective gloves against cuts and stabs by hand knives
EN ISO 10819 Anti-vibration protective gloves
EN 12477
Protective gloves for welding jobs
EN 60903
Protective gloves against electrical voltage
EN ISO 20344 Methods of testing safety footwear
EN ISO 20345 Safety footwear
EN ISO 20346 Protective footwear
EN ISO 20347 Work footwear
EN 381-3
Chainsaw protective footwear
EN 13832
Footwear protecting against chemicals
EN 50321
Electrically insulating footwear
EN 15090
Footwear for firefighters
EN 340
General requirements
EN 342
Clothing ensembles protecting against cold
EN 343
Protection against rain
EN 381
Chain saw protective clothing
EN 469
Protective clothing for firefighters
EN 471
High visibility clothing
EN 1073
Protection against radioactive contamination from
granular substances
EN 1149-1
Electrostatic properties: specific surface resistance
EN 1149-2
Electrostatic properties: through material
EN 14058
Cold environment clothing ensembles
EN 14126
Protective clothing against contaminating substances
EN ISO 11611 Protective clothing against welding job risks
EN ISO 11612 Protective clothing against heat and flames
EN ISO 13998 Protective aprons and pants against cuts and stabs by hand knives
EN ISO 6530 Resistance of protective clothing to penetration by liquid
EN ISO 6529 Resistance of protective clothing to permeation by liquid
EN ISO 13034 Clothes for partial protection against spilling chemicals (type 6)
EN ISO 13982 Full body protective clothing against airborne solid particulates
(type 5)
EN 14605
Liquid and spray tight protective clothing (types 3&4)
EN 943
Non-gas tight or gas tight protective clothes against chemicals
(types 1&2)
EN 341
Descender devices
EN 353
Guided type fall arresters including a rigid anchor line
EN 353-2
Guided type fall arresters including a flexible anchor line
EN 354
EN 355
Energy absorbers
EN 358
Belts for work positioning and restraint and work positioning
EN 360
Retractable type fall arresters
EN 361
Full body harnesses
EN 362
EN 363
Fall arrester systems
EN 364
Test methods
EN 365
Use, maintenance, periodic examination, repair and marking
EN 795
Anchor devices
EN 813
Sit harnesses
EN 1496
Rescue lifting devices
EN 1497
Rescue harnesses
EN 1498
Rescue loops
The above listing is not meant to be complete, and concentrates mainly on the
standards concerning personal protective equipment.
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